Friday, September 16, 2011


Language Tamtsil (Example): "Gold is no price and its value is liked by all women for illicit use because the man has a true characteristic of gold, though many people want to manipulation but can not because of character, and depends on a lot of rust, the higher, more expensive price ".

If meditation; "Mashallah Allah much silver lining for us: We want a price, value, dignity and other traits that depend on us (something that is out of ourselves in the form of intention, determination, said, behavior, relationships with carefully through text, photo / image and others) which appear in front of people, that's value and our prices!.

It is true that we judge not for man / creature, but the picture shows us why. Want high prices? .., Have the best traits of self-esteem, Mau expensive value ?..., have characteristic values ​​as best as possible. Want to have the characteristics of people liked ?..., happy myself as best as possible.

By keeping both the determination (Niatlah because Allah alone), said (Keep the greeting, with a good speech), behavioral (Increase with a good deed) or other things that come out of ourselves, that we value!, Shari'a itself we do tried both, the nature of Allah SWT, Allah willing, we are worth!.

Good clear picture of the rule of law of Allah (Naqli), common law (aqli) and customary law which does not conflict with Shari'a (Adi), insha Allah, so good for us all.

Human affection can be achieved depending on what is in us as are very fond of Allah Almighty to people who have self-esteem in taqwa.

Let's tela'ah about each of us!.

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